Saturday, January 08, 2011

Laughing in 2011

Okay, this year is starting out with lots of funny moments and chuckling so I've decided to try and record something funny that happens during each day. Maybe put the list on the sidebar if there's room, not sure. I'm not all that consistent but I've been laughing everyday and that is good for the soul. There have been lots of sad things happening as well, but the funny moments make the sad ones bearable. Don't ya think? Anyway, here's a couple:

I'm changing the look of this blog (gone from a light blue background to black...oh my) well in trying to catch up on everyone's blog here (flipping back and forth) I arrived back at my own blog and didn't realize where the heck I was. Scrolling up, I discovered it was me...silly

A bus stopped ahead of us to pick up riders. This woman, off to our right, was running up toward the bus and screaming "HOLD THE BUS!, HOLD THE BUS!". All I could think about was the IKEA commercial where the woman is running outside the store and screaming for her husband to "START THE CAR!, START THE CAR!". They both sounded the same. I'm sure the poor woman was terrified she would miss the bus but she was definitely a very good runner.

And of course, there is this pesky squirrel sitting on the peak of the roof looking down at me. He's probably chuckling as well... hmmm....

I've just asked DH to remind me of something funny that happened today and he started laughing. His laugh always makes me laugh and we started laughing together. I'm telling you this year is going to have funny moments and I want to enjoy them.

Wishing you happy and memorable funny moments.


Tammy Freiborg said...

It's true, yes, it's true, laughter is the best medicine! ;)

Effy said...

Every morning without fail, my husband pulls up all the LOLcat type sites and sits reading them while he eats breakfast. He laughs so loud and so heartily - music to my ears. I think he's onto something. Starting out with laughter like that must be really good for the soul! :)

Purrplekatt said...

I love this post Cynthia. I'm going to try to laugh as much as I can this year! :D

Pattio said...

You got me chuckling too. :)

A yoga teacher I had also says that laughing is good for your health to the point where she includes it in her practice. Even if she has to fake it. Now that is funny!

Cheers and chuckles