Thursday, January 06, 2011

Squirrel Saga continues

Well, this squirrel is getting to me big time. I refuse to be beaten by him/her. It is actually kind of funny...NOT. Somehow it is sneaking into the trap and gently lifting the bread with peanut butter. I kid you not. Tried to fool it with some little pieces of wood, covered with pb, and adhered with double-sided sticky tape. The squirrel ate the peanut butter off of the wood (the little bit left had teeth marks) but never set the trap off. The cage will close on me as I try to set it out! This furry critter must have a high IQ...sigh. Recently spoke with someone who said squirrels don't like human hair and that I should try spreading some around (must be the human scent). A friend trimmed her hair and DH needs his beard trimmed. That should be enough, I think. Now if it will only stop snowing and the wind slow down (it has been 25mph to 50mph), I might get somewhere. The other day setting the trap out, I spied the little dickens sitting on the peak of the roof and it didn't budge, even though I'm yelling at it "to SCRAM". The neighbors must beginning to wonder about the crazy lady next door...chuckle...sigh...aargh

In between all the chaos here, I'm working on:
sketchbook challenge: January's theme is Highly Prized - my first sketch is of my prized drawing tool, an ear irrigator. I love that it drips and splashes and doesn't let me be in control. My second sketch is a tea bag. Having tea reminds me of my gram and mom and the fun times we've had.

the collage for the Strathmore Workshop 1: I've done my copies of my arting and putting together the collage. Will glue up tomorrow. It has been such fun going thru drawings and pages I haven't looked at in awhile.

the January journaling over at Milliande's: the theme is Z for Zebra and the ideas are fun and she's exploring different techniques. She shares her process in videos. Today's (day 5) is using your hand to create a zebra. 5 days are in progress.

prompts from the groups I'm in. Nothing is finished but in progress and I'm loving it. Hope you're getting some creativity in your day. Still working to get the scanner up and running and then I'll post what I've done.


Tammy Freiborg said...

Your squirrels are so clever - have to admire their dexterity. Looking forward to seeing pics of all your recent arting.

Kisiwa said...

Do bring along what you've got so far to the meetings Saturday. Would love to see them.