Monday, January 07, 2013

New Beginnings, New Word and Breast Pockets

New beginnings not resolutions. A new word, not for the year, but day to day. I've decided the first word will be Finish. Finish things I've begun, there are several. My first "Finish" completed so far is for Melanie Testa. Click her name to get to her website and scroll down to read her request for Breast Pockets (she has extended the time) and listen to her on the PODCAST there with Rice of (can't figure out how to put 2dots above the e in her name (aargh!) but her name rhymes with Lisa).

Here are the two I have made. I decided to use papers I've been making (more on this later). There are 3 layers of wax deli paper in each pocket, Golden's gesso (black and white), a piece of round styrofoam as a stamp for the circles. On the pink one I stitched around the outside with deep pink embroidery floss but since the flap was just one piece of paper I just used the pink pen to create stitches (it is a little difficult to see). I also drew spirals in the circles with pink pen and sharpie. The pink doesn't show up very well. The textures also don't show up very well. On the yellow one, I stitched around the edge with gold thread and also stitched spirals in the circles. This flap was 3 layers thick so I stitched around the edge of this flap.

The yellow one is for a cousin who had a double mastectomy and suffered great pain. I think of her often. The pink one is for every woman now or in the future who will have to deal with this life decision. Back in the 80s, I received the dreaded call from my doctor, the blood drains, the mind swirls and decisions to be made. I had two tiny lumps detected only through the mammogram. Tests, non-cancerous and surgically removed. I only have a tiny scar that still hurts occasionally. While my outcome is different so it is for all woman. Check out Melanie's blog and maybe make a breast pocket for someone you know.

Wishing you some exciting and new discoveries this year.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Received today

Shopping today for some hair color. My mousy grey hair needs a lift. I remember when all the blonde colors were in the top 3 or 4 shelves but now are on the bottom two rows. I now know what brunettes had to endure when blonde was "in". Standing on one's head to read the boxes or sit on the floor.

Anyway, while searching for the color "Honey Butter", standing on my head in the aisle, a lovely woman noticed the brand (L'Oreal, light ash blonde) I had in my hand. She promptly handed me a coupon from that Company. I thanked her very much. It wasn't until later I discovered it was for a free box up to 9.99. WOW!

Later in the grocery end of the store, I met another woman at the egg counter. I was searching through the Egglands Best egg cartons. It was as if all the cartons had been dropped. Each box I opened was a mess of cracked and oozing eggs. I finally made room for this woman to get to the eggs, pushing my cart off to the side so DH could keep an eye on my purse and free up my hands to continue to look. I explained to the woman the issue with the eggs and trying to help her find a good box. She handed me the one she had and just swapped out one broken egg. She insisted I take it. I thanked her and brought it back to the cart where we checked it out again and sure enough we found more broken ones. She asked if we could check her box again and it was okay. A messy job made pleasant by a lovely person. We wished each other Happy New Year!

May you experience the lovely people out there during your travels. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A visitor

This beautiful creature was in our driveway yesterday. DH and I couldn't believe it and wondered where it came from. It was magical. DH was going over to the wood shop when he spotted this little one. I ran to get the camera. As I got closer, this little being turned its head to look at me. Such gentleness and quiet. I protected it from moving forward under the car as DH backed out of the driveway. I left it to go on its merry way feeling blessed to have had a special visitor. A reminder of little ones loved and lost.