Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sketch one

I've put my first sketch from the sketchbook challenge here. Working to solve my scanner issues and hope to get images up here in the next few days. More snow coming here, 3"-5", so will be having shoveling moments as well.

The squirrel saga continues. It was like war in the ceiling last night. Thought they'd be coming through the ceiling. My mind was trying to think what I'd do if that happened. The first was to just put my head under the covers, the second was to scream like a banshee and scare the heck out of them. One is determined to evict a second one that has showed up. I'm finding it funny and frustrating to be outwitted by these characters. I thought I had it made after catching and relocated the 6 others but the rodent kingdom has other ideas. I'm going to try some ammonia soaked rags and hang them in the trees and maybe they'll just not be able to get on the roof. I haven't tried the human hair idea as the wind does not subside with all the wild weather we are having.

Hope you're all getting some creative time.

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