Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Okay, now that the flooding in the basement, from the major storm in New England, is down to a trickle I can actually enjoy this fun moment.

Stacy awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award! Thank you sooo much Stacy! ( xoxo)

Now as part of the award I have to do seven things:

(1) Post the image of the award - done

(2) Thank the person who gave it to me - Thanks Stacy!!

(3) Link to the person who gave it to me - done

(4) Tell you seven things about myself that you wouldn't know - done

(5) Choose seven great bloggers to give this award to - done

(6) Give a link to their blogs - done

(7) Leave them a message on their blog - done

Seven things about me:

1 - I love pistacchio nuts

2 - I love doing jigsaw puzzles

3 - I get wanderlust and want to just jump in the car and go

4 - I love the cinnamon spicy scent of carnations

5 - Although I love shoes, I'd rather go barefoot

6 - I'm a hopeless romantic

7 - I'm afraid of leeches

I am giving this award to the following Kreativ Bloggers








1 comment:

tracyozzie said...

Thank you so much for the award. It is nice to know that their are others out there that can appreciate my very different ideas for Marie. Your blog is wonderful. Lots of inspiring ideas.