Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 5: Prompt - Destiny and old journal

A prompt from Blissfully Art Journaling group (BAJ) is Destiny. Thinking about and meditating on what that would be. Webster's New World Dict. says 1. the seemingly inevitable succession of events and 2. fate. And fate: 1. the power supposed to determine the outcome of events, destiny 2. one's lot or fortune 3. final outcome 4. death; destruction. Hmmm. Don't mean this to be an English lesson; I'm just thinking out loud. Once I figure this out, I'll do an art journal page and post it.

Found a journal from 1996, what a hoot! The covers has floating/flying cherubs. It is mostly writing with some stars, black cat stickers, colorful happy snakes here and there, found small sketch for a trellis for the patio for some morning glory flowers and my horoscope, from Sept. 28, 1996 attached with a safety pin. I'm a Leo and this is what is says: "It is one thing to know what you want and quite another to have the courage to pursue it. But unless you believe in yourself wholeheartedly, you will never reach your destination. Despite Saturn's restraining influence in Aries, this is one time when confidence counts for more than caution." (from Lowell Sun Newspaper)


Tammy Freiborg said...

Hmmm ... black cats, happy snakes, pumpkins smiling, surprised, scary. ?Our destiny to float through all the craziness and arrive at our star (destination)? Just trying to make connections. Thanks for sharing.

freebird said...

Enjoyed looking around. Your new header is great.

Kirstin said...

How fun to find an old journal. I love the old horoscope. Looking forward to your post on Destiny.