Friday, March 19, 2010

Alice and lost links

Last week I took myself to the movies and saw Alice in Wonderland 3D. I love Tim Burton's creativity and it doesn't disappoint. So creative and has so many levels. The graphics amazing. I think it is more of an adult film but will be interesting to see what young people think of it. Has inspired me to do something with Alice.........not sure yet what but ideas are percolating.

Adding a few things to my blog and managed to delete my Links and can't seem to fix it. aargh! I've seen on other blogs cool links with images from the person's blog. I've done one after talking with the artist but somehow can't manage to create links again. Before I go completely bald after so much hair pulling, I'm going to go outside and enjoy this delightful sunny and warm 60+ day and come back later.

Hope you all have a creative day.


Purrplekatt said...

I can't wait to see Alice. We tried a few weeks back but it was sold out.

PS - don't pull your hair out! I'm sure it will come back to you. :)

Paula Phillips said...

I wish I could help Cynthia, but I'm so computer challenged. :) I can't wait to see Alice, was it worth it to see in 3D?
Much Love

Ellie said...

I took myself to see Alice and it was..WONDERFUL!! I feel the same way about creating something Alice. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog too!