Thursday, July 05, 2012

Amazing Bird

We have the funniest thing going on here. A silly, happy wonderful bird is singing his heart out. Haven't been able to see him yet, partly because he begins around 1:00 a.m., but we keep looking. Thing is he sings all night amazing. There are so many different songs, we are thinking it is a mockingbird. My Mom use to call them catbirds. We'll know for sure once we get a glimpse. But it is fun having this mystery singer. We are late night people and when the bird starts singing, one of us, giggling, is sure to announce, bird is here. He'll sing one song for awhile and just when you think it is time for something different he'll start a whole different repertoire. This started over a month or so. We think the bird is male because it was around mating time. This little character sang for 24 hours a day (I am not kidding) for days. We worried: how could he sing for so long without getting hoarse? would he get weak from not eating? We were concerned parents here...hahaha. Suddenly no singing. He must have finally found a mate. Thank goodness! But a few days ago the singing has returned and around 1:00 a.m. Delightful! He'll sing all night now and then off and on during the day. We wonder if he's flown in from a different time zone and just hasn't caught up with the difference...hahaha...OR maybe he's a night time kinda guy. Whatever, he is a delight! Hope something in nature is giving you a treat!

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Ricë said...

We had exactly the same thing here! I called him Ralph, and when the midnight singing ceased, I worried that one of the cats had caught him. But then, in a couple days, there he was again. He hasn't been singing lately; my husband swears he found a mate and is busy with nestlings.