Thursday, June 07, 2012

sadness and sago palms

Been sad here since the death of my nephew on April 9th. Acute cardiac arrest states the death certificate. Can't believe so much time has passed. Seems like yesterday. He was only 38 and has a 20month old son. Remembering and missing my Mom, Dad and Grams. Trying to kick myself back to action. Things to do. Commitments and deadlines.

We have two sago palms, one in the front and one in the back. They are so cute...5 feet tall or a little less. Nature is magical (can be terrifying as well). Anyway have been documenting the palms as they are wondrous to me. One day these pod like things appeared. Researched and discovered our palms are males of the species. The pods have grown to almost 20 inches tall...amazing.

This is the how it looked when I first noticed it. Tightly closed and a pastel greenish color.

As the pod grows, the sections open up to release the pollen. They become a deep yellow color. They remind me of pine cones.

This is what the pollen looks like. fairy dust.

Now the pod is aging and has turned a beautiful sienna color. It will soon fall off.

This is what the pods look like on the sago palm. There are three on this one and one on the palm in the back yard. Some pruning needs to be done on the palms and that is being done today before the rain.

I have checked around the community and there are some female sago palms around. Hoping to get some photos of them soon. Supposedly if you are raising these palms, once the pods are open you cut it off and shake the pollen over the female blossom. The female produces seeds which fall on the ground. Great for a landscaper or nursery. Also great for helping me through this sadness.

Hope you are all still here and being creative. I have been sporadic in visiting your blogs but not leaving any comments. Wishing to get better at it...


Ginny Stiles said...

Oh wow, babe. Am SO SO sorry to hear about your nephew. Only 38. I see why you feel sad. My deepest sympathy.
I love the sago palm photos. We have one in our yard on Palo Verde which is just around the corner but I am never there to see anything happen with it. It's amazing.
BIG BIG storms headed into n. WI tonight...a little scary to hear about this. More later.

Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear about your nephew. That is so young.