Thursday, September 15, 2011

made me smile

Made me smile when I saw an older guy, at a lawnmower store (guy store?), with light pink sneakers on. Loved it!!!

Hope you are all having some fun creative time this summer. I've been trying to visit your blogs when I can. We're still in the moving process but hope to be all settled within a month. Excited to create some studio space and play with "stuff". Mostly playing in a moleskin about the changes, places and happenings as we go through the process of selling/buying home, traveling and new discoveries. But alas, no way to scan upload, so sad to visuals...and we all know how much we love those...sorry. Soon though.

Wishing those of you having issues from Irene and Lee happier days and hoping you are all safe. We had very little damage here but on a trip to Loon Mt. experienced having to boil water because of a broken water main due to flooding of the Pemigawasset River. Kangamangus Highway closed due to torn up road from Swift River flood waters. Loon Mt resort also closed due to bridge damage and then its collapse. Road open only to emergency vehicles. The National Forest was also closed indefinitely. Anything that was open also had areas not accessible due to damage.

To leave on a lighter note: I've been texting my daughter a lot lately having fun with all the word play AND also playing scrabble with DH and friend AND playing with words in journal. Talk about extremes of language...happy creating.

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Tammy Freiborg said...

Glad to hear you are almost back into a permanent home! Unpacking is work but might be more fun since everything has been in boxes for so long you may have forgotten what you have. I hope I see pink guy shoes someday.