Friday, July 01, 2011

St Paul art journal get together

Had a great time in St. Paul and meeting Tammy and Ariana and Ariana's son Liam. Liam took this photo of us (me, Ariana, Tammy), isn't it amazing? I always anticipate the flash and my eyes either wind up closed or like this. Think those are coffee cups behind my head...heehee. It was so fabulous meeting Tammy and Ariana. We shared journals and Tammy brought the Love Journal from BAJ. Awesome...Ariana gave me a journal she had made and I can't wait to work in it. Tammy gave me some beautiful cards with meaningful words of encouragement that are so appropriate for me right now. I was able to share some leaves from my Mom's philadendron plant that I had put into my journal to keep flat while they dry. Precious moments that I'll treasure always....

We met on Grand Ave. at

I arrived a little early and took a look around the art store. After awhile of not being able to decide what to buy, I chose a small (tiny) jar of geeso sludge (something I could get onto the plane). Had to ask what it is - recycled acrylic left over from processing acrylics. Found some pan pastels but couldn't decide what color...argh! Ariana shared her set of pans for me to try. Beautiful colors and fun to smear on. This cool sculpture was out in front of the store

Ariana searched her iphone for a cafe for us to sit down together. Can't remember the name. Had a mango smoothie...yum and the color was gorgeous golden yellow orange.

Sorry to have missed so many who couldn't make it that day. Hoping you all can set another date to get together. It is fun meeting in person and touching and seeing the actual journals we are all working in. Tammy gave me a ride back to the River Center and we had fun and laughs getting somewhat "lost" and doing a few turn-arounds. Thank you so much for the memories. It will be fun to follow the adventures of both of you and Liam and feel a special connection.

2 tours - fun things seen: Most exciting to me was the Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Walker Sculpture excited. Eileen, a delightful woman seated beside me on the bus, chuckled with my excitement. She's a quilter doing mixed media on fabric. We shared ideas and techniques we use. She does photo transfer and uses products that shrivel fabric. I'll have to check online as I can't remember (something like solvrenol??? anyway it will be fun to try.

I also love keys and have a stash saved to do something with. On the path back to the bus was this fabulous sculpture. Couldn't resist a photo. Didn't get to check who or what as the tour guide was hurrying us to get on the bus. We had to get to the Flour Mill Bldg for a film.

I'll post more photos tomorrow. Gotta go........ Hope you all get a chance to get together in your area for some face to face fun time.


Tammy Freiborg said...

I'm so glad we were able to meet and you were able to see the Apple/Spoon!

teri said...

How wonderful that you were able to have this get together and meet in person!!