Wednesday, December 01, 2010

squirrel saga and more

Well, we've caught 4 squirrels and relocated them. They are such beautiful creatures up close and they are all the same size so maybe from the same litter (if that is what its called). However, there are two more visiting or should I say taking over. It would be so nice to close up the 2 holes in the corners near the roof. But don't dare until we've caught them all otherwise I'm sure they would start digging into the roof. They are determined characters. Just what I'm trying to be with my art.

Hope you are all getting some creating done as well even during this busy time of year. I love the lights and decorations that are so fun and joyful but am staying away from the malls, etc. "Black Friday" sounds like a funeral to me. Alas, no money to spare a.k.a. disposable income. Making and baking is happening instead which I love.

Found a link over at Effy Wilds blog for a free download of an adorable Owl calendar for 2011. You choose the images you want so all the calendars will be different. The images are wonderful and creative. All the artists participating are listed. Download and print them out. Haven't printed mine out yet. Look for the owl in the side bar.

Have a great and joyous day.

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Kisiwa said...

Thanks for the Owl link - love it.
Happy Hols.