Tuesday, November 23, 2010

squirrels and thankful list

Woke up at 2:30 a.m. to the scratching of one of our free furry tenants in the walls. They are like active two year olds that just don't want to stop moving, jumping and getting into things. They also, apparently, don't like each other as there is lots of growling going on. We've put out a have-a-heart trap but no luck so far (actually I've caught quite a few leaves). Smart little suckers. Someone told us that squirrels don't like music (rock n' roll to be exact) so we've blasted a Sha-na-na CD and in another room we're blasting a Victory at Sea CD (which is fabulous by the way with lots of drums). In the beginning it was actually quite fun and funny however while they chatter their annoyance it hasn't interrupted their nesting goals. It appears now that the only one the music is annoying is me. I've had a cup of tea, tried to watch TV(blah), cleared the kitchen table of junk mail, etc. and So here I am, now 4:54 a.m. cruising the internet. Came across ankira.blogspot.com and her lovely gratitude list which reminded me to think of those things I'm grateful for and I'm not so cranky now. Thanks Kim.

Things I'm grateful for:

A loving, generous, caring and kind husband and beautiful, loving daughter who make my life joyful and meaningful. Caring neighbors, wonderful friends both near and far. Home, hot cocoa, memories of those I've loved and are gone now, spirituality, sunsets, moments when I pause to enjoy natures splendor, sunsets and the night sky filled with stars and ever-changing moon which makes me think of eternity and infinite possibilities. The rustling of the leaves in the wind when all is quiet. I am thankful for those I meet and who have changed my outlook on life. I'm thankful for me, my sense of humor, caring for and about other people, my creativity. I'm even thankful for my furry tenants who are keeping me awake. There have been some laughs amongst the chaos.

Wishing you all a beautiful week and many blessings.

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Effy said...

So sweet to run into your gratitude list first thing in the morning. :)