Sunday, October 03, 2010

Artist Blog Hop

Well, I can tell the cool Autumn air and the beginning of a new season, schools, etc. has got me moving. I'm joining in all things art and feel a fog lifting. I've just join this Artist Blog Hop and looking forward to searching all things art and share in the inspiration and fun of the blogging world and finding new artists, art styles and journaling. If you'd like try it, look to the right and scroll down. Copy the code at the top of the list and then scroll to the bottom and sign up. Put the code on your blog and voila'. Join me in blog hopping, butterfly making, and the free online class at willowing.ning. Excitement in the air and Halloween on the way...yay!


Effy said...

I signed up! Can't wait to dive into all that glorious arty loveliness. :)

Laura Thykeson said...

Hi! Just signed up to follow your blog. I love it, especially the art journal pages! I would appreciate it if you would follow my art blog at

Thanks-and happy creating!!

Laura Thykeson
Taz's Corner Blog