Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photos from summer

Well, the images are in reverse order than I intended but it is late and I'm too lazy to fix it. Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed the roller coaster summer. Check the previous post for links to some of these places.

This is me on the oldest running Carousel in the country. It is on Martha's Vineyard (MV) near the landing for the ferry in Oak Bluff. The horses don't move up and down but are stationary. I had a difficult time getting on as the stirrups are attached to wires which move all over the place. I'm not as agile as I used to be so leaping was not an option. However, getting off the darn thing was even more difficult. The lovely man with his grandson, next to me, gave me instructions on how to dismount. I dangled on the side of the horse as my skin dragged down the side (ouch!) and then I was stranded as I couldn't get my leg over the saddle. Nothing like doing a split in mid-air. The kindly gentleman, maintaining his composure as I and my friend laughed hysterically, helped lower my leg. I thanked him profusely....

I took this photo holding the camera out the window of the car and was amazed how great it came out. I love the look and feel of marinas. The promise of good times on the water.

A beautiful beach in Vineyard Haven. It was a gorgeous, warm day. The stretch of beach was so long that it wasn't crowded.

A view from the ferry on the way to MV. Churning blue green water and a magic sailing ship. Wonder what their adventure will be?

This is the USS Constitution heading out from the Charlestown Navy Yard for a celebration trip for a special group of veterans on July 4, 2010. The tug boats push/pull it, around the harbor and bring it back in to the pier. It was fascinating to watch. One visitor asked if the ship could still be used in battle? and the sailor tour guide said yes, however, by the time it got there the war would be over. That made me think 'what if there was a war declared and nobody showed up?' Wouldn't that be something.

There was a fireboat spewing tall plumes of water. Such showman ship for the oldest commissioned war ship in the world.

This is the USS Cassin Young DD793 in dry dock #1 at the Charlestown Navy Yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts. Because it is a museum ship and managed by the National Park Service the public is allowed to view the work being done on it while in dry dock. The ship has not been out of water for approximately 30 years so repairs to the hull were needed. The area below the black line on the side of the ship is what is being repaired. DH is the one in the blue hat.

Another view of the USS Cassin Young in dry dock. It is amazing how the ship is resting on blocks and perfectly straight in the dock. It will be fascinating to see how the work progresses. As new sheets of steel will replace the worn areas, we will be able to see the support structure of the ship.

This is the Swift River on the Kangamangus Highway in Lincoln, NH. It is a swimming area. You can sit on the rocks, swim and some venture to ride down a small waterfall. The park service has added a parking lot, bathrooms and picnic area. Many years ago when we camped in the area, cars parked along the highway and we walked down a steep path to get to the swimming area. It was dangerous. The park service has now made it safer and more lovely. A big thank you to them.


Tammy Freiborg said...

Looks to me like you thoroughly enjoyed the ride! The horses and manes are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Rita A. said...

Thank for your very kind comments over on my blog.

I love your photographs and the pure joy on your face. Thank you so much for sharing.


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Hi Cynthia,
I'm popping in here b/c I can't find your email address and I'm trying to make up a list of us that are participating in the Butterfly Effect....my apologies if I already asked for your email...could you send it again?

Thanks! And fun to see anyone older than 6 on a carousel!

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