Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 artist dates

Had lunch with Sharon, an artist friend, on Monday at her amazing studio. We did 'show and tell' of what we've been up to. She's making gorgeous quilts, scarves and creating with pressed flowers. We searched through a book that she had a dark magenta chrysanthymum pressed and drying in and couldn't find it. Suddenly there it was on the bench and it was beautiful. It must have fallen out while we were looking for what we "thought" it would look like. Such a delightful vision it was/is. We had tea, then lunch with her DH. Sharon is also learning to make videos at our local Access TV station. She is taping our local Shawsheen River during the various seasons and we spent a little time at the river for a taping. DH is her camera grip *chuckle*. It was beautiful as the marsh weeds have turned a beautiful spring green, trees are budding, water is reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, birds singing. To get to the river we had to tramp through the brush and dried leaves and over an old fieldstone wall. It was a great day and fun adventure.

A date several weeks ago with two artist friends took us to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA and Hall Space Gallery, Dorchester, MA. (Two person show with art created by Candice Walters and Brenda Pinardi). It was another great day. Can you tell I'm thrilled to be out of the cave and into the sunlight. *smiling* The ICA has the most gorgeous views of Boston Harbour. This day there was a sailboat race going on so lots of white triangles (sails) floating across deep blue water. Inside the building there are huge slanted window walls facing the water. We had lunch and then wandered the exhibits. The main exhibit was Roni Horn's photographs, books, drawings and sculptures from her time in Iceland (Fire and Ice). more late.......

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