Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking at things upside down

Was in the grocery store today and saw this little girl, maybe 4/5yrs old. She was bending over looking at things upside down. At first I chuckled with delight and then I wondered when was the last time I did that? Why not do that in the store? I bet all the cool things that are in the grocery store would be great fun to see upside down. I refrained. For one thing I'd probably fall over and a second thing, I had just come from the eye doctors and my vision was still blurry from the eye drops so everything was already looking different and I knew I'd reeeally fall over. When my vision returns to its natural state I'm going to look at things upside down but in my house holding on to a chair and in my yard. Loved this little bit of fun and insight to change my perspective on things.
When was the last time you looked at things upside down?

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Jamie Lynn said...

OMGoodness - funny how things hit a secret little note within us sometimes ;-)