Sunday, February 20, 2011

OMG and Yikes!

Caught squirrel #10 and saved it from being lunch. Checking on the cage and couldn't believe my eyes. A hawk was attacking the cage trying to get at the squirrel. It took a rest in a tree and came back to the cage trying its darndest to get the squirrel. The cage had tipped so I couldn't see the terrified squirrel. The hawk flew back to the tree and I thought this would be perfect time to get camera. However, the hawk just stayed in the tree probably waiting for the prey to make a move. I took a photo but it is difficult to really see the hawk. Learned that one REALLY needs to have camera handy and the patience needed to wait as the hawk was waiting... When DH pulled into the driveway, the hawk flew off and the very grateful (I'm sure) squirrel was transported far away. (I've circled the hawk but its difficult to see but it was dark brown with cream colored breast. Beautiful and mighty creature.

Another nature event, during high winds yesterday, was the top of one of our large pine trees broke off and landed in the front yard. We were grateful it didn't fall into the street!!!

Have you had amazing nature events lately? I thought our double/triple snowstorms were amazing. Surprises everyday.

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Tammy Freiborg said...

Yes, that must have been one terrified squirrel and one hungry hawk. May your house be free of squirrels!