Friday, October 22, 2010

kitty kitty

Love this kitty animation I found over at Bell Book & Candle Mixed Media Art. If you listen with ear phones you here her purr and meow. She likes to chase the cursor. Makes me smile and remember my Siamese cats (momma and suzie) who have been in kitty heaven for many years. And also now so appropriate for Halloween season. And she's litter box free. chuckles.

Have you signed up for Art, Heart and Healing free online class. It is not too late. If you've never drawn a portrait before and would like to have the skill for your journal, you won't be disappointed. Will post mine later today/tomorrow.

Here's another free online course for finding your creative genius. I love the meditations and ideas for exploring. Check it out and see if it's something you've been looking for.

For Halloween fun check out Smeared and Smudged I just found this site and need to explore more. There are daily projects to count down to Halloween and there is also games for finding hidden objects from clues and there are some kind of prizes. Wished I'd found it sooner but hey there is still one week full of fun to go.

Diana Trout also put up another nudge on her blog.

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